Many decades ago (one decade ago), Justin Smith and Kyle King decided they wanted to play music. Seeing as they were small children, most of the music they made was trash. In 2011, they released a thrash metal EP called “Dance With Death” with their band Plague, and were rightfully destroyed for it. By 2014, they were releasing better music with their band Etheria, but decided they wanted to expand their horizons and try different styles. That same year, King began releasing semi-joke electronic music under the name Interstellar Tricycle. In 2016, Smith released a solo album called “Horizons.” The entire thing was about a breakup; it was really bad, and he was rightfully destroyed for it.

Ryan Bowles and Riley Garrett got their start in another local band, Whiplash Jack. After releasing an album, Smith joined the band as a guitarist and vocalist. The group began work on a followup album. Smith, Bowles and Garrett left the project in January 2018.

Immediately after leaving Whiplash Jack, Smith, Garrett and Bowles formed a new project alongside King named “Skyline Park.” The band began work on their debut album, set for release in late Spring – early Summer 2018. On May 5th, 2018, the band released their debut single, “Distress,” with the followup, “Push,” to be released on June 9th, 2018.